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Introduction to Transaction Reconciliation

Cryptio is a data pipeline that funnels complex on-chain and exchange transactions to your main-ledger accounting software, making accounting for crypto easy.


Instead of pushing messy blockchain data, the software converts the blockchain data into standard accounting language (Gains/Losses, Cost Basis, Fiat Valuations).


At this point, you've imported, classified and mapped your transaction data via:

Step 1: Importing Transactions

Step 2: Classifying Transactions

Step 3: Mapping Accounts to Transactions


Therefore, you have now successfully automated the process of:

  1. pushing data into your crypto sub-ledger

  2. the identification of your contacts

  3. the categorization/labelling of your transactions

  4. the mapping of the destination of each debit/credit of every transaction

Congrats! you've saved nearly 4x the resources that would have been spent if this was done manually.


It's time to push data to your accounting software


There are 2 ways to do this:


1. On the transactions page, simply select the transaction(s) you want to sync and hit sync. This will automatically close the loop on everything you've set up within Cryptio and push the required data to the appropriate Chart of Accounts within the Accounting Software you've integrated with (Xero/QBO).





2. Export a Ledger Entries report from Cryptio and use this to push the data to your Chart of Accounts - only recommended if you're using our custom Accounting Integration rather than Xero/QBO.