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Quick Start Guide: for Accounting Firms/Partners

As an Accounting firm dealing with a vast client portfolio with different needs and expectations, we know you're busy. This guide aims to get you up and running quickly and efficiently so you can use Cryptio to provide value to your clients. 


As you already know, Cryptio is a back office tool purpose-built for digital assets that are integrated into the world's leading accounting and audit software and services. 


Accounting firm: creating your client's workspace 

note: this workspace will automatically, trigger a two-week free trial.


Client/Business: joining the workspace 

  • Click the invitation link sent to your email (check other/spam)

  • Register your personal account (see image below)

  • Click on the drop-down that shows notifications (1-yellow) in the top left

  • Click on Manage Invitations to join the workspace you have been invited to.

note: you will have two workspaces, one you registered with and one you were invited to. Use the drop-down on the left to switch between them respectively.




Client/Business: providing data to you (the accountants)

  • Provide a list of your sources to your accountant, using this template

  • Provide a list of your contacts/address book, using this template

  • For any un-supported sources, be assured we can still get your data into the software, it will be via a Custom CSV conversion. Simply send your accountant the raw files so they can be converted into the applicable format and imported. 


Imports/sources we directly support 


Exchanges On-chain Custodians


Avalanche Anchorage
Bitfinex Binance Smart Chain BitGo
Bittrex Bitcoin Fireblocks
Coinbase, Coinbase Commerce, Coinbase Prime & Coinbase Pro Cardano Nexo
FTX, FTX (OTC) & FTX U.S Ethereum  
Gemini Filecoin  
HitBTC Near  




Next Steps

  • Check out the Quick Start Guide on how to get up and running

  • Reach out to book a call with your Account Executive/Customer Success Manager