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What can the API Beta do?


The Cryptio API allows you to interact with the same product as you would while using the regular UI. Our long-term goal is to expose at least all the UI features via the API. This API allows you to use Cryptio programmatically and integrate our features with other pieces of software.


Please note that everything done via the API can also be done manually via the UI. Also, every piece of data accessible via the API is accessible via the UI, and vice-versa.


The Cryptio API is not a data API, or a different product. It is another way to interact with the Cryptio product.


What is an API?

A 'website' meant to be browsed by programs instead of users. On websites, you ask a ‘Page server’ for a URL and you get a Page back, whereas, with an API you ask it for a URL and retrieve a piece of data in a text format.


Example of a simple Public API (click it)

This returns all the prices on Binance and it can change every time you refresh it.

'Public' means you didn't need to authenticate (give any user/password or key).


API keys

Our API is 'Private', which means requests must be sent with a key. The key both authenticates the request and refers to a single Cryptio Workspace. For now, there is no user interface to generate keys - please reach out to us if this feature is of interest and we can assist with the next steps.


What can you do with our API V1?

  • Import wallets, exchanges
  • Create labels
  • Apply labels to transactions
  • Get all transactions
  • Get all assets
  • Get a single asset


Current Connectors

Currently, our API is only working on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Gradually we will cover the other sources we support.


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