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Does Cryptio support futures transactions?


The way futures transactions are displayed in Cryptio will depend on which exchange they are on. 


Cryptio supports futures markets on Binance, Kraken, FTX, and Liquid. The difference between them is the way in which we display these trades in your account.


How are futures displayed in Cryptio?

In Cryptio transactions are displayed as either deposits, withdrawals, or swaps. Therefore, for futures trading, this can be confusing as profit and loss will be shown as deposits and withdrawals. Here is an example:


Example: Binance

  1. For Binance futures the trades are PNL-based (profit and loss)

  2. You pay fees whilst your position is open - this will be displayed as a withdrawal

  3. When the position is closed Cryptio will display a PNL transaction

  4. This transaction would be a deposit if you made money, or a withdrawal if you lost money


Other exchanges will update you in "real-time" via a collection of deposits/withdrawals depending on how your position evolves.