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How transactions are valued

Read this for a quick insight into how Cryptio prices transactions.


The prices we display on Cryptio either come from Kaiko or CoinGecko. Both are known to be reliable historical pricing data providers.


They continuously observe exchanges order books and thanks to a VWAP approach, are able to compute a price as close as possible to the fair market value.


When it comes to valuing a transaction, we apply the following:

  • If the asset is available on Kaiko, we use Kaiko's price. Depending on the asset, the accuracy can go from by the minute, to by the day. We always pick the price that is the closest to the transaction time. We also take the volume into account to make sure not to pick an outlier.

  • If the asset is not available on Kaiko, but is available on CoinGecko, we'll use CoinGecko's daily price.

  • If the asset is not available on Kaiko, nor on CoinGecko, the price will be marked as zero and an alert will be raised on Cryptio's side to understand why this asset could not be valued at that particular time