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How do I handle the Cost Basis Error: Missing Volumes?

There can be numerous reasons for missing volumes within a workspace, and multiple factors need to be investigated when looking into such issues. 


Missing volumes occur when the volume of assets in your account does not match the transaction data, creating an error (a negative balance). An example of this would be the following: 


  1. Importing a wallet with a set start date, causing some previous transactions to be missed. If the first transaction was a withdrawal of 10 ETH, then the wallet balance would be -10 ETH and therefore cause a missing volume. 

  2. Another example of this would be when transactions have been bridged across blockchains and only one side of the transaction has been imported into Cryptio. The result would be a missing transaction and therefore a missing volume.

If you have investigated the issue and cannot find the cause, please contact our support team with all the relevant data via the live support chat box in-app.