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Importing opening balances from a period I have already booked


The most common use case is users that are migrating to cryptio for the first time, and want to carry the cost basis of assets from transactions they have already booked.


For example, if you have already closed the 2020/2021 books, now you can import the 2021 closing balances and cost basis using a Custom CSV, then, import your source(s) starting January 1st, 2022.


You'll need the following resources:

Step 1: Create the Custom CSV Import File

Step 2: Populate your Custom CSV Import File

  • Date column: input the date of the Closing Balance / Ending Date of the Report.

    • Note: format for the date is yyyy-mm-dd

  • IncomingAsset column: input the Token ID for each asset

    • For most assets you can use the traditional Token ID (i.e. ETH)

    • For some assets you will need to use the Unique Token ID (i.e. ETH-826f3)

    • The list of assets can be found here

  • IncomingVolume column: input the closing balance/volume for each asset

  • Success column: input the number '1'

  • Leave all other columns blank

  • Download as CSV

Step 3: Importing the Custom CSV

  • Log-in to your Cryptio account ( and go to the Imports Page

  • Click +Import and find the Custom option

    • Give the import an appropriate name

    • Select the file you just created

  • Click Import.

Step 4: Updating/Changing the Cost Basis

  • Once the transactions have been imported they will appear as deposits

  • Navigate to the Transactions page and click on filters

  • Filter for the imported source name in the wallet filter

  • You should then be able to see the deposited opening balance for each asset

  • Click on a row and update the USD rate

    • Open the V1 - Historical Balance Report for that asset

    • Copy the last WAC per unit located in Column H

    • Update the USD rate by pasting the WAC value in the USD rate field

  • Repeat this process for each line item/asset

  • Once you have updated the USD rate for all the assets, ensure that you click on the update cost basis button which is next to the filter button

Step 5: Import your sources


Now that you have imported your closing balances go ahead and import all your sources specifying the Start Date as the day after the date of your Closing Upload.

For example, December 31st, 2021 is the date of your Closing Balance upload, it would make sense for your imported sources to have a start date of January 1st, 2022.