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Fees Expenditures

The fee expenditures report will give you an overview of all the fees paid out of your account. This can be particularly useful when you have transactions that are non-taxable, however, the fee is a taxable event.


The report contains data such as fee volume, transaction hash and spend in USD. The report can be broken down by asset or by wallet. There is also a second tab that will include the total fees per asset.


  1. The first step is to navigate to the reports page and then select “+ Report”, which will open a draw containing all of the modules with each of the reports in.


  2.  Then select the Financial reports module and select the Fee expenditures report from the drop down.


  3. You will then be able to select the assets and the wallets that you would like in the report. Leave both columns blank if you require all the information. A custom date range can also be set using the include complete history button.


Additionally, you can now select columns for your exports directly from our product workspace. This selection will be saved for your future exports - there is no more need to manually clean up your excel file every time anymore. This feature comes in the form of two new buttons - 'all columns' and 'selected columns' on the export side panel when creating a new report.