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How to select columns for exports

One of the more recent updates to your Cryptio workspace is the new function of being able to select columns for your exports. This feature comes in the form of two new buttons - 'all columns' and 'selected columns' on the export side panel when creating a new report.


To select or deselect certain columns follow the steps below:

  1. Select the reports tab in the right-hand corner of your Cryptio workspace



  2. Create a new report by clicking on the '+ report' tab, and choose the report type you want to export.



  3. Once you choose the report type, click on the selected columns tab to choose which columns you want to include.



  4. Once the new selector appears, the user can access a dropdown list of all the columns which are selected by default. You can then deselect as many columns as is appropriate. Once the chosen columns are selected, press the create tab. This will save the columns selection for future exports of the same type.