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Realised Gains & Losses

A Realised Gains & Losses report includes all realized gains and losses data that you need when it comes to declaring your taxes.

In this report, you will find the cost basis and gains details for each 'outgoing' transaction. An outgoing transaction could be when:

  • you sold an asset,

  • you make a payment

  • you pay a transaction fee

It should be noted that we also include in the report incoming transactions that are used for cost basis computations.


To export the Transaction History, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Report page.

  2. Click on the + Report button, a drawer will emerge

  3. Module is Accounting & Tax reports
  4. Report is Realised Gains & Losses
  5. Select your desired format
  6. Asset is optional

  7. Wallet is optional, you can choose:

    a) just an asset or wallet
    b) an asset and wallet
    c) or leave both blank, which will then take into account everything
  8. Click Create



Additionally, you can now select columns for your exports directly from our product workspace. This selection will be saved for your future exports - there is no more need to manually clean up your excel file every time anymore. This feature comes in the form of two new buttons - 'all columns' and 'selected columns' on the export side panel when creating a new report. Follow this link to see how the new feature works.


There are two types of formats to download this report in:

a) Cryptio

b) U.S


Column Definitions

Further details on what some of the more complex columns mean:



Term  Short Term (less than 12 months) VS Long Term (more than 12 months)

Sum of the particular asset pool's Cost Basis at that particular time



The volume of the asset the transaction relates to
Short vs Long term
Short Term (less than 12 months) VS Long Term (more than 12 months)