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Dis/Re-connecting Cryptio & QuickBooks


First, ensure you're disconnected from Quickbooks in Cryptio. To do so navigate to the Accounting tab and select Integrations.

Your view should look like this:


Disconnecting from within Quickbooks

Step 1: Log in to QuickBooks


Step 2: Locate the Apps section, if you don't see it, search for "Apps". Click on Action and then select disconnect, reason leave blank...


You should now see that cryptio is not connected to your Quickbooks account.


Re-connecting with Quickbooks

Step 1: Click on Integrations in the Accounting tab


Step 2: Click on connect to Quickbooks:


Step 3: This page will appear asking you to Log-in & choose your organization

Step 4: Agree to create the bridge between your sub-ledger and main-ledger