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Fireblocks - How to import my transactions

This short guide aims to give you a rundown of how to integrate your Fireblocks account with Cryptio.

1. Follow this Fireblocks documentation to generate a Fireblocks API key.

- You must be logged in to Fireblocks to view the documentation

- Please note that Cryptio users do not need to generate a CSR file, as stated in the Fireblocks documentation. Instead, use the Cryptio CSR file. Click here to download the Cryptio CSR file.

2. Once you have obtained the Fireblocks API key, click on the ‘Business’ tab in the top right, and then select Integrations.



3. This should enable you to select the button to connect the Fireblocks business integration



4. Once you have clicked on the ‘connect’ button, enter the Fireblocks API key that you previously obtained.



5. This will import your whitelisted addresses in contacts and the vaults will be ready to be imported.



6. Once you have connected the Fireblocks API, select the 'import' tab in the top right corner. Following that, select the 'import' key



7. Following that, press the 'custody' key, where you will be able to select the integration of Fireblocks.



8. Here, select Fireblocks as your chosen import.



9. Once you have chosen Fireblocks, select the vaults that you would want to import.



10. Once imported, you will be able to view the vaults under sources in the import tab.



11. Click on the vault that you would want to explore and you will be able to view your past transactions for the selected source.