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Unidentified Addresses Report

After your data import, any addresses you've interacted with that haven't been imported as a source will be an unidentified address. When booking transactions to your accounting software, it is important that you name these unidentified addresses.


One of the ways you can do this is to upload a list of your addresses with a contact name for each either 1 by 1 on your Unidentified addresses page, or in bulk via step 4 below.


1. You first need to navigate to the Business tab and select Unidentified addresses.





2. Once you land on the Unidentified addresses page, you will see a list of all the unidentified addresses in your account. There is an option of manually naming the addresses, however for the unidentified addresses report, select the button shown below.




3. The report will then be generated on your reports page, here you click on the button below to download the report.



4. You can then edit the report as you wish by inputting the Names you'd like to give to each Address and bulk upload this new CSV into Cryptio via the Contacts page.