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Manual Asset Pricing


In order to price the assets in Cryptio, we pull in data from Kaiko and Coingecko. The idea behind having three exchanges is so we can price as many assets as possible, from trusted and reliable exchanges.


When it comes to evaluating a transaction, we apply the following:

  • If the asset is available on Kaiko, we use Kaiko's price. Depending on the asset, the accuracy can go from by the minute, to by the day. We always pick the price that is the closest to the transaction time. We also take the volume into account to make sure not to pick an outlier.

  • If the asset is not available on Kaiko but is available on CoinGecko, we'll use CoinGecko's daily price.

  • If the price is not available on any of these exchanges, it will be marked as zero and an alert will be raised on Crypto's side to understand why this asset could not be valued at that particular time.


Why is this useful to know?

Sometimes when you use Cryptio some of your assets might have a 'missing price' next to them on the transaction page. For some small market cap coins, this can be because the above exchanges were not tracking these assets at this time. Therefore try doing the following:


  1. Find the transactions with a missing price next to them (using the filter for Cost Basis Error)


  2. Check the date on the left-hand side of the transaction


  3. Go to the above exchanges and then check to see if they priced the asset at this time

  4. If they did, please get in touch with us. If they did not then you would have to manually enter the prices - you can do that by clicking anywhere in the white space of a transaction row to open up the pop-up editor. Then, simply input the values you see fit. Don’t forget to hit save.