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What are complex transactions?

Some transactions can be made up of multiple movements, therefore we group these together into a folder in order to make them easier to account for.


Click the down arrow to open up the drawer of all related movements. Movements are one (and only one), amount of value going in or out of a wallet that has been imported into Cryptio. This view will separate each of the transactions individually for you, an example can be seen below.


In this example, a loan is being paid back. The first movement 0.003 ETH labeled 'Gas fee', is the gas fee for the transaction. The -25 SAI labeled 'Payback' is the loan being repaid, and the -0.547 SAI 'Loan Fees' is the fee for borrowing the loan. 


Booking complex transactions


At the moment, you are only able to sync if all the movements are heading in the same direction (i.e, all coming in or all going out). Filter your transactions page to show only complex transactions:
Where there are both ins and outs or if the balances are not matching, at the moment, we have prevented these types of transactions from being booked (something the industry as a whole is working to make possible). For now, clients book these manually however they see fit.