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FTX - How to import my transactions


A short guide to help you import all of the transactions from your FTX account onto your Cryptio workspace

  1. Access your FTX account, and once logged in, select the settings icon in the top right corner

  2. Select the API tab on the left-hand side of your workspace, which will enable you to generate a
    new API key for which you will have to copy both the API key and secret

  3. Once you have a copy of the newly created API key for your FTX account, head to your Cryptio workspace, and in the top right corner, select the imports tab.

  4. Here, select the exchanges tab, and click on the FTX block

  5. Once you have selected the FTX import function, name your import, and input your recently obtained API key and secret.

    a. If you want to import your main FTX account only, input your main account API key and secret.

    b. If you want to import a single sub-account, you have two options. 1) from your main account key: input your main FTX account key and secret, and indicate the name of your sub-account on the "Subaccount name (Optional)" field. 2) from your sub-account key: input your sub-account API key and use the "Subaccount name (Optional)" field to indicate the name of your sub-account.

    c. If you want to import several sub-accounts at once, you have two options. 1) Make the single sub-account importing process for each sub-account, 1 by 1.’écran+2021-09-17+à+11.24.11.png

  6. After you enter the necessary details, your FTX transactions will be imported onto the Cryptio workspace, and you will be able to see them along with your other imports.

  7. To see a breakdown of the transactions and more data points, click on the imported FTX tab, and select the transactions tab on the right-hand side of your workspace.

  8. Now you will be able to see all of your FTX transactions on your Cryptio workspace.