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HitBTC - How to import my transactions

How to generate the API keys

The HITBTC API lets you get your entire transaction history (including deposits and withdrawals) automatically.

To generate your API Keys, follow these steps :

  1. Go to your HITBTC account.’écran+2019-02-28+à+11.42.48+AM.png?expires=1621364675&signature=3dc1a4676b406bdfc8fb8629a80a17281f4321bb4f38f5e2a4f72cd536a4ef18

  1. Click on API Keys, then on New API Key. Copy-paste the pair of keys on your computer.

  2. Tick 'Order book, History, Trading balance' and 'Payment information'’écran+2021-05-15+à+13.52.01.png?expires=1621364675&signature=df867a53108fea87b7a27c9d19484359822a2fa2c0cf9006787c3259f674b954

  1. To add your API Keys on Cryptio, follow these steps

  2. Go to 'Imports' from the menu

  3. Click on 'Import', then choose 'HitBtc'

  4. Copy-paste the API Key and the Secret key from HitBtc into the right fields

  5. Click on Create