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Binance - How to import my transactions

How to add your API keys

The Binance API lets you track your balances in real-time as well as lets you import your deposits, withdrawals and spot trading transaction history.

To add your API keys, follow the steps :

  1. Go to your Binance account

  2. Click on your account on the top right and then click on API Management’écran+2021-05-15+à+14.55.58.png?expires=1621364469&signature=80466ea1dd04d71c3a3ce637609a162bcccf130b3f1f57820bff8f14aba6b82a

  1. Give a name to your API keys and click on 'Create API'

  2. Click on Edit restrictions on the top right. Then disable "Enable Spot & Margin Trading". Click Save.

It is very important to keep the keys 'read-only' so that no one could trade or withdraw funds from your account.’écran+2021-05-15+à+14.58.09.png?expires=1621364469&signature=b776a0b99ba7fba5155a461fca423508ef32046c922c4e8e53512699d992be20

  1. Go back to Cryptio. Click on 'Imports', select 'Binance'. Then copy/paste your API key and secret key