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How to batch import sources

Importing individual sources is fine if you have a few, but for users that have several sources such as a combination of Wallets, Exchanges & Custody Solutions, it's far easier to import them all at once.


As you probably know, getting the transaction history from different types of sources requires you to import different read-only keys:

  • For Wallets requires importing Public Addresses

  • For Exchanges, accounts require importing read-only API keys & Secret keys

  • For Custodian accounts require importing read-only API keys or Access tokens

Cryptio also allows you to choose a Start and or End date this allows you to have greater control over the data you want to track in the software.


The process:

Step 1: Make a copy of the Cryptio V2 - Batch Sources Import template

Step 2: Populate the relevant fields

Step 3: Specify a Start and or End date, if you want to fetch full history leave blank

Step 4: Download as a CSV and Import into Cryptio via CSV