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Importing your Chart Of Accounts into Cryptio

Cryptio is a data pipeline. The software syncs complex on-chain data converting it immediately into accounting language upon import. Once you've created your contacts and labels, the next step is to push your data to the main ledger.


Do this by heading to the Chart Of Accounts page to execute the mappings, which in turn, automates the Debiting/Crediting process for you.


There are two ways of importing your chart of accounts into Cryptio.


Option 1: Automated import (Xero/QuickBooks)

  • Navigate to the Accounting tab

  • Click on Integrations

  • Connect with Xero or Quickbooks

This will automatically pull in your Chart Of Accounts. You can now head to the Chart Of Accounts and begin mapping your wallets/exchanges/or labels to the relevant accounts.



Option 2: Manual import

Phase 1:

  • Export your Chart of Accounts from your accounting software

  • Create a copy of our Chart of Accounts import template

  • Using the template, add the accounts you need

  • Save the document in CSV format

Phase 2:

  • Navigate to the Accounting tab

  • Click on Integrations

  • Under the Custom box, click 'Import COA via CSV'

  • Import the Chart of Accounts you created using the Cryptio template