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What is the asset list & how do you find it?


What is the asset list?

In Cryptio, for each asset there is an internal version we use to make certain all assets are tracked individually, ensuring our data is as accurate as possible. This is important as there can be multiple assets that share the same price, and an example of this would be the difference between Wrapped Bitcoin and Aave Wrapped Bitcoin. The assets share almost identical prices, however they are separate assets, and therefore need separate unique asset symbols. The methodology also means we can avoid confusion between scam assets and real assets.

Why does this matter?

When you are trying to import transactions from an unsupported exchange or chain, you will have to use a custom CSV import. The CSV import requires you to enter the unique Cryptio ID for each of the assets you would like to import, this is where you need to use the Cryptio unique asset symbol.

Where is the unique asset list?

When you want to check the unique asset symbol for your asset list, please use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the imports page and select “+ Import”



  2. Then select “See asset list


  3. You then have two options, either download the asset list as a CSV or filter the assets by name or unique asset symbol


  4. Once you have filtered for the desired asset, you need to copy the “Unique symbol”, and add this to you CSV import.


What if there is not unique asset symbol for the asset I wish to import?

If you are unable to find the unique asset symbol that you require, please get in contact with us. In some cases, we will have to add the asset symbol for you. Please ensure you send us the name of the asset, the asset symbol and the Coingecko link if the asset is on the site.