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Before going ahead with the integration of the platforms, you must have accounts set up on the two respective platforms – Request Invoicing and Cryptio.


This guide will walk you through the steps to integrate the platforms and assist you with setting up your account:


1) Sign in to your Cryptio account



2) On the top menu, click imports and input your crypto wallet address



3) Next, go to the top menu and select Business > Integrations > Connect to Request Network



4) Enter your API Key for Request Invoicing and click Connect. To get your API Key, log in to your Request account and select Profile > API



5) Your Cryptio account will now detect invoices that are processed with Request Invoicing



6) When you click on Transactions at the top menu, a green Invoice label will show on the right for all the transactions related to Request Invoicing



7) Clicking on the transaction will open the transaction details drawer



8) Here, when you click on the Invoice number you will be redirected to the specific invoice that’s on your Request Invoicing account



9) Alternatively to Step 6, you can click on the grey button Invoices at the top right of the Transaction dashboard. You will be provided a list of all the invoices with Request Invoicing that you can access directly.