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What's new - May 2024

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Check out all the new enhancements in Cryptio

⛓️ Integrations

  • Blockchain connectors: Ronin, Akash and Nodle

💫 Improved Features

  • Auto-Rec [Enterprise only]:
    • New dashboard view and multi assets into one workflow are now available. Users can apply multiple assets for the same reconciliation configuration.
  • Trial Balance module updates:
    • Activity Mapping: Reflects all mapping activity done within a workspace. Track and manage the impact of COA mappings using the Trial Balance.
    • Activity Within Period: Provides insight into transaction activity within a given period.
  • BTC Multisig and xPub Balances in Treasury Module: View all your BTC multisig and xPub balances in our Treasury module for instant understanding of your treasury balance.
  • Rolled up Ledger Entries: A rolled-up version of ledger entries is now available in Quickbooks and Xero format.
  • Favorite Filters for Asset Filters: Easily navigate and keep the list of significant assets updated based on a defined set of filters.
  • Top 100 Market Cap and Low Market Cap Asset Categories: Re-introduced with up-to-date data. Viewable in both the asset overview and the Data Integrity module.
  • Stop Re-applying Removed Labels Automatically: The system now remembers when labels are manually removed and will not automatically reapply them.
  • Paste Multiple: Enhanced Cryptio experience allows users to paste multiple elements on select filters and automatically delineate them based on chosen delimiter. This feature includes:
    • Wallet filter in Imports pages
    • Addresses filter in Imports page
    • Assets filter in Assets Overview
    • Assets filter in Transactions page
    • Wallets filter in Transactions page
    • Source selection in Source mapping of COA
    • Addresses filter in Related Parties modules and unidentified addresses module
    • User Benefits:
      • Create wallet clusters at scale based on a data sheet (Excel).
      • Create asset clusters at scale based on a data sheet (Excel).
      • Create favorite filters with numerous assets or wallets.

This update aims to enhance your Cryptio experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Stay tuned for more improvements and features!