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Portfolio balances

This report provides a full overview of the historical balances for each asset per wallet. The report is useful for knowing the evolution of your balance across a time period.

To create a Portfolio Balances report, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Report page.
  2. Click on the + Report button, a drawer will emerge
  3. Module is Financial reports
  4. Report is Portfolio Balances
  5. Asset is optional
  6. Asset cluster is optional
  7. Wallet is optional, you can choose:

    a) just an asset or wallet
    b) an asset and wallet
    c) or leave both blank, which will then take into account everything
  8. Wallet cluster is optional
  9. Source type is optional
  10. You can filter out NFT and Spam
  11. Select your desired date range
  12. Customize column is optional
  13. Select the desired file format, excel or CSV
  14. Click Create

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 14.51.31.png

Additionally, you can now select columns for your exports directly from our product workspace. This selection will be saved for your future exports - there is no more need to manually clean up your excel file every time anymore. This feature comes in the form of two new buttons - 'all columns' a 'selected columns' on the export side panel when creating a new report. Follow this link to see how the new feature works.

Column Definitions

Further details on what some of the more complex columns mean:

Inventory Sum of the particular asset pool's Cost Basis at that particular time
Average Daily Price The opening price for the day obtained from CoinGecko
Assets market value The asset's balance multiplied by the average daily price
Date Illustrates that the figures shown are the balances at midnight moving into the new month (i.e the balance for the end of the previous month)