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What's New - March 2024

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Check out all the new features in Cryptio

🚀 Major Updates

  • Principal Markets Enhancement: We've integrated Kraken as a new price provider within the Principal Markets view, expanding your options for accurate price tracking.
  • Multi-Workspace Support in Auto-Rec Engine [Enterprise Only]: Enhance your reconciliation process by linking a source from an alternate workspace to your primary accounting workspace. This feature allows for seamless data integration into our AutoRec Engine from a secondary source, ensuring data consistency without duplication. Ideal for reconciling differences between custodial solutions and internal databases, all within the AutoRec framework.

💫 Improved Features

  • Favourite Filter Enhancements: Optimizing your workflow, these updates allow for:
    • Search Capability: Quickly locate favorite filters by name in extensive workspaces.
    • Improved Ordering: Access recent favorite filters effortlessly, now positioned at the top for your convenience.
    • Label Integration:
      1. Visibility on whether a favorite filter is currently linked to a label rule, including specifics.
      2. A new filter to show favorite filters not assigned to any label rule.
      3. Enhanced interaction with labels—clicking a label now leads directly to a filtered Labels page, with options for editing.
      4. Visibility on filters ineligible for label rules, clarifying usage restrictions.
    • Descriptive Notes: Add descriptions to favorite filters for easier transitions and understanding among team members.
    • Report Exporting: Export a comprehensive list of favorite filters, complete with all relevant metadata, for streamlined reporting.
    • Direct Name Editing: Modify the name of a favorite filter directly, removing the need to create duplicates for renaming.
  • Bulk Additions to Existing Clusters: Expanding on our bulk creation feature, you can now integrate assets/wallets into already established clusters directly from the Assets overview/Sources table.
  • Spam Filter in Reports: To improve report clarity, a default-enabled option now filters out spam from your reports, ensuring cleaner data presentation. A comprehensive list of reports with this feature is available here:
    • Transactions history 
    • Higher missing volume
    • Realized G&L
    • Ledger Entries
    • Ledger Entries Fair value basis [Enterprise only]
    • FMV Lot details [Enterprise only]
    • FMV Valuation [Enterprise only]
    • Rolled up Ledger Entries
    • ARF
    • Detailed ARF
    • Impairment [Enterprise only]
    • Impairment balances [Enterprise only]
    • Impairment transaction details [Enterprise only]
    • Today’s Balances snapshot
    • EOD balances
    • Portfolio Balances (wallet breakdown)
    • Portfolio Balances (asset breakdown)
    • Assets Principal Markets Audit [Enterprise only]
    • Balances Sanity check [Enterprise only]
    • Prices Sanity Check [Enterprise only]
    • Historical balances: asset breakdown
    • Historical balances: wallet breakdown
    • End of Month Reconciliation
    • End of month asset balances
    • Realized gains and losses (Tax basis)
    • Asset roll forward (Tax basis)
    • Historical balances: per day breakdown

This update is designed to enhance your Cryptio experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Stay tuned for more improvements and features!