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What's New - February 2024

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Check out all the new features in Cryptio

⛓️ Integrations

  • Blockchain connectors: Mina, MultiversX, Chiliz, Cosmos, Celestia, and Dogecoin

🚀 Major feature updates

  • Wallet Clusters: We're thrilled to introduce a major enhancement—Wallet Clusters! Now, users can:
    • Categorize their wallets, enabling clear analysis streams and extracting reports effortlessly with the wallet cluster asset grouping.
    • Build label rules more efficiently from favorite filters, especially useful for managing large groups of wallets.
    • Create Wallet Clusters for EVM Addresses: You can now create clusters for multi-imports via the EVM feature.

💫 Feature Improvements

  • AutoRec Engine - Beta [Enterprise Only]:

    1. Multi-Selection for Vault-Based Reconciliation: Handling multi-vault-based reconciliation for platforms like Fireblocks, Qredo, or Ledger Enterprise is smoother with the new multi-selection feature. It also offers the option to automatically fetch all vaults of the same type.
    2. Manage Created AutoRec Engine Rules: A new funnel, "Manage AutoRec Engine," is available. It allows users to browse, duplicate, edit, and delete created rules, and easily export reports based on each rule.
  • Select All Unmapped Wallets/Exchanges for COA Mapping: Mapping just got faster! Users can now select all unmapped wallets or exchanges with a single click, expediting the mapping process.

    ⚠️ Note: Limit to 500 unmapped wallets.

  • Skip Automatic Updates: A new "Skip Resource Update" toggle in workspace settings provides more control to users. With this feature, actions like generating reports won't automatically trigger jobs like cost basis or COA mappings, giving users the flexibility to decide when to update resources.

  • Filter Internal Transfer in Label Rule: Now, the "internal transfer status is/is not internal transfer" filter can be added as a label rule via the favorite filter, providing more flexibility. Note that the "Potential internal transfer" filter is still not supported for label rules.

  • Label Mapping Priority: Empowers users to prioritize label mappings for internal transfers or trade accounts. Enables label mappings created after wallet mappings to override the accounts set by the wallet mapping.