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What's New - December 2023

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Check out all the new features in Cryptio

⛓️ Integrations

  • Blockchain connectors: Base, Horizen, Horizen EON
  • New Bitcoin xPub multisig connector, now supporting Pub (x/y/z/X/Y/ZPub)

🚀 Major feature updates

  • AutoRec Engine - Beta: Custodians, exchanges, and banks can automatically reconcile internal system data with related on-chain movements. Accelerate your reconciliation process with our AutoRec Engine. This engine compares two different datasets each month to identify common elements and matches them based on various parameters. [Enterprise only]

💫 Feature improvements

  • Flexible asset pegging (Asset module > Valuation): You can now peg your asset to any asset in our database, not just within your workspace.
  • Asset categorizations: New Category tags and direct clustering features have been added to the Asset module to better support portfolio management processes.
  • Expanded potential spam detection: More spam is automatically recognized in our Potential Spam Review tab, allowing you to focus on authentic assets.