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Quick Start Guide for and working with Accounting Partners

A Quick Guide to Help You Get Started to Better Support Your Clients and/or Streamline Processes with Accounting Partners

Welcome to Cryptio!

Whether you're a finance team or an Accounting Partner, we understand that you're navigating the complexities of crypto accounting while managing a diverse client portfolio with varying needs and expectations. This guide is designed to swiftly and effectively familiarize you with Cryptio so you can bring value to your stakeholders or clients.

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Cryptio is a back-office software for digital assets, streamlining accounting, tax, financial reporting, and audit processes. If you have some familiarity with the software, refer to our Quick Start Guide to quickly get up and running.

This article is tailored to help you assist your clients in setting up their workspace, manage workspace access for your Accounting Partners, and more. You're in the right place!


For Accounting Firms: Creating Your Client's Workspace

💡 Note: This workspace will automatically trigger a two-week free trial.

create workspace.gif

For Clients/Companies: Joining the Workspace

  • Click the invitation link sent to your email (check other/spam folders).
  • Register your account (refer to the gif below).
  • Select the drop-down displaying notifications (1-yellow) in the top left.
  • Click on Manage Invitations to join the workspace you've been invited to.

💡 Note: You will have two workspaces—one you registered with and one you were invited to. Use the arrow next to the Workspace in the left side navigation bar to switch between them. For more on workspace management, see the Workspace Management article.

join workspace.gif

For Clients/Companies: Providing Data to APs (Accountants)

Supported Imports/Sources

Explore our latest blockchain, exchange, custody, accounting, and business ERP integrations here.

Next Steps

  • Arrange a call with our Accounting Partner Lead/Account Manager. 💡 If you don't have a dedicated APM or AM, just message customer support for any questions.
  • Familiarize yourself with the crypto accounting process using our Quick Start Guide.


Key Resources

We strive to ensure Cryptio is impactful, easy, and enjoyable to use. If you encounter challenges, we offer various resources tailored to your needs:

Cryptio Home 🏠

Access an in-product checklist detailing impactful steps taken by thousands of successful customers during their initial days using the product.

Help Center 📖

Find help articles, FAQs, how-tos, and best practices conveniently organized in one place. Ideal for resolving issues efficiently.

Demo Webinars 🖥️

Join our Accounting strategy and Customer team's regular webinars to explore Cryptio's features and participate in Q&A sessions. Some sessions are available on YouTube, or contact our team for customer-exclusive content.

Cryptio Newsletter and Product Announcements 💙

Sign up for our quarterly newsletter to receive industry news and the latest features/product updates in your inbox.

Chat with Support 🗣️

Need extra assistance with setup? Reach out via the Support pop-up and leave a message for our support team. We're here to help!