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What's New - November 2023

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Check out all the new features in Cryptio

⛓️ Integrations

πŸš€ Major feature updates

  • FP&A module - Beta: Improve your organization's financial health by streamlining the financial management process. With our beta FP&A module, you can track revenue and expenses, enhance high-level management reporting, and facilitate budget management.

πŸ’« Feature improvements

  • One-click NFT cluster creation: Group all your NFTs under one cluster and manage them separately from other digital assets. Simply navigate to the Treasury module > NFT card or Asset Clustering page to combine all NFTs in your workspace.
  • Default CoA mapping for NFTs: Easily differentiate NFTs from tokens in your balance sheet (prepare ahead of regulatory guidance by FASB and different jurisdictions). We have added a new secondary optional default account specifically for NFTs in the 'Default account mapping' feature. When combined with the NFT cluster feature, you can map all NFTs in a wallet to a specific NFT account at once.
  • Source type filter on Report generation: You can now filter the following reports by source types (e.g., Ethereum, Near, etc.):
    • Transaction History
    • Realized Gains & Losses
    • Historical balances: asset breakdown
    • Historical balances: wallet breakdown
    • Portfolio balances
    • Portfolio Balances (wallet breakdown)
    • Asset Roll Forward
    • Detailed Asset Roll Forward
    • End-of-day balances
  • Favorite filter/Function ID label rule: Edit the favorite filter/function ID label rule directly from the label edition drawer. There's no need to go to the favorite filter on the Transactions page to change a label rule anymore.
  • Wallet address on the on-chain source: In the Data Integrity module, the wallet address on the on-chain source is now displayed below the source name. You can copy it and click on it to be redirected to the blockchain explorer. [Enterprise only]
  • Transaction Rebalancer: The Created NTE and Matched Cost basis tabs have been removed from the Needs Review. You can find their data by using the new filter "Non Taxable event is Created NTE/Matched Cost Basis". Reverting the transaction balancer can still be done in one click: select the transaction you want to revert and click on the Revert button that appears once this filter is applied.
  • Principal market selection: We have relocated the module to Asset > Valuation to simplify pricing settings. Moreover, assets can now be pegged to any asset in our database, not just assets that exist locally within their workspace. Read our Principal market selection article to learn about the feature.
  • Spam filtering on the Transactions page: Enable Spam filtering to hide all spam assets in your transactions view.