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What's New - Q3 summary and October 2023

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Discover all the Latest in Cryptio - Q3 summary and October 2023

Q3 has concluded, and we are thrilled to announce the exciting new features we've rolled out.

🚀 Major feature updates

  • ‼️ Performance Enhancement: Significant improvements in reading, searching, and filtering millions of transactions.
  • Assets Module: Holistic overview of all asset holdings. It empowers users to organize their digital assets effectively, streamlining processes, and gaining deeper insights into their portfolios. Asset clustering feature allows users to create customized categories or "clusters" based on unique criteria. By grouping similar tokens together, users can simplify portfolio tracking, enhance analysis, and make data-driven decisions with ease.
  • Smart Contract Functions Module and Labelling - A powerful feature that allows smart contract events to label your transactions. See the list of Function IDs present in your transactions history, observe the underlying transactions to understand the nature of a function, and build a Label Rule with it. Check out our new Smart contract function report to get all Function IDs, relevant transactions, and Etherscan addresses in one.
  • Audit Readiness Controls: Ensure completeness and accuracy with a robust user audit trail (Enterprise only).
  • Related Parties Identification Module - Identify all counterparties sorted by materiality (Enterprise only).
  • Segregation of Duties: Assign preparers and reviewers for each test (Enterprise only).
  • DeFi portfolio Allocation and Related Transaction view - Helps guarantee your DeFi transaction history is complete by comparing on-chain transactions in Cryptio with third-party data (similar to a sanity check just for DeFi).

⛓️ Integrations

  • Blockchains - We now offer 10+ connectors, including Polygon zkEVM, Stacks, and Moonbeam. Our brand-new Aurora and Solana connector is now live.
  • Exchanges - You'll find 4+ connectors, including, FalconX, and Alphapoint.

💫 Feature improvements

  • New Navigation Bar: Enjoy a new navigation bar with a cleaner design and more aligned branding.
  • Non-Taxable Event Treatment: Treat your staking, bridging, liquidity pool, wrapping, and intercompany transfers as non-taxable events (NTE) and not include them in your gain and loss calculation. 
  • Introduction of Potential Spams Review in the asset module: This feature assists users in cleaning up their spam assets, allowing users to take things into their own hands. Mark assets as spam, and automatically set their price to 0.
  • Assets module improvements - Asset clustering filter has been applied across the application: Dashboard, Data integrity module, Reports, and Data integrity module (Enterprise only).
  • New transaction filter - filter for assets based on the number of units (Range Volume). Powerful filter capability could be used along with Range Fiat, which filters assets based on the fiat value.
  • Supporting Optimism in NFT module - See all your Optimism NFTs along with Ethereum and Polygon based in one module.