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What's New - September 2023

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Check out all the new features in Cryptio

⛓️ Integrations

  • Blockchains - Kava, Canto, Immutable X, Tron and XRP
  • Exchanges - Alphapoint (reach out to the support team if you need this to be switched on)

💫 Feature improvements

  • Transaction rebalancer: Treat your staking, bridging, liquidity pool, wrapping, and intercompany transfers as non-taxable events (NTE) and not include them in your gain and loss calculation. For example: 
    • Staking NTE: Override deposit asset value with withdrawal asset cost basis - for customers who don’t want their cost basis to change during the stake & unstake process.
    • Bridge NTE: Override transaction value with cost basis to carry the cost basis from the outgoing movement to the incoming. [Help center article coming soon]
  • Assets module - Asset clustering has been applied across the application: 
    • Dashboard - Enhancement of the Dashboard with a Cluster selector integrated into the Top Wallet card. This empowers users to understand cluster allocation on a per-wallet basis.
    • Balances Sanity Check - Implementation of Cluster analysis card under the 'All' view which enables a focused assessment of balance completeness for a designated set of assets. For instance, users can prioritize a preferred assets list gathered in a Cluster as a checklist to ensure 100% data integrity before each month-end close.
    • Prices Sanity Check - Integration of a Cluster selector into the Asset Breakdown card (same as above)
    • Reports - Adding a Cluster filter in report generations to simplify the token type-based reports.
  • Spam detection improvements
    • Introduction of Potential Spam Review in the Asset Module. To help users clean their spam assets and recognize potential spam. Also, generate the Potential Spams report to audit trail your spam treatments. 
    • Mark assets as spam in the Asset drawer (Transactions page), which allows users to take spam labeling into their own hands at the workspace level.
    • New proprietary Spam Cleaner algorithm helping customers identify more spam using naming conventions, industry whitelists, and data from external providers. 

For any questions, our Customer Support team is here to help.