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Whalefin - How to import my transactions

 ๐Ÿ‘‹ Welcome! Here's a brief guide on how to import all transactions from Whalefin onto your Cryptio workspace using an API Key.


Step 1: Locate Your WhaleFin API Key

You can create an API Key by logging into your account at

  1. Access to log in.
  2. Click on the "Account" icon and choose "API Management" from the dropdown menu.Eng1.png Image Source:
  3. Each user is allowed to create up to 20 API Keys. For enhanced security, it's suggested to associate an IP address with the API Keys. Each API Key can be linked with a maximum of 20 IP addresses. You can enter a single IP address or multiple IP addresses separated by commas, like this:,
    "Remark" - Mandatory
    "Bind IP Address" - Optional (Can bind up to 20 IP addresses per API Key)
    "Authority" - Necessary (Multiple selections allowed)
    Click "Submit" to generate an API Key.

    For API documentation, please visit Image Source:
  4. After successfully associating an IP address, you can find the API Key under the "My API Keys" list. Click on "API Secret" and you'll be asked to enter an email verification code and a Google verification code (if activated). After verification, you can view your API Key.
    Note: You'll need to verify your API Key each time you access it. Eng3.png  Image Source:
  5. You have successfully created your API key (Congratulations! You've successfully created your API key. Eng4.png Image Source:
  6. To deactivate your API Key, simply click "Close". You can reactivate it whenever necessary. You also have the option to "Delete" the API Key at any time.
  • Note: API Key is only functional in the production environment. Sub-accounts are not permitted to use the API Key.
  • Always remember to store these keys securely and avoid sharing them. If you want additional security, consider enabling IP restrictions. If you believe your API keys have been compromised, delete the current key and generate a new one.

  • Differences between Rest API & WebSocket:
    • Rest API is suitable for Swap trading and asset withdrawal, while WebSocket API is more efficient for obtaining market and depth information. Once the connection is established, WebSocket API can immediately capture real-time server changes, making it ideal for high-frequency trading (HFT).

Step 2: Import Your WhaleFin Transactions to Cryptio

Now that you have your API key and secret, you can import your transactions into your Cryptio workspace.

  1. Log into your Cryptio Workspace
  2. Go to the 'Imports' Tab
  3. Select 'Exchange' and search for Whalefin 2023-07-11
  4. Click on the 'WhaleFin' Block.
  5. Enter your Import Details
  6. Choose Import Date Range ( you can fetch the complete history)
  7. Begin the Import Process (After entering all the required information, click 'Create'. Your transactions will start importing directly.)

Step 3: Verify Your Transactions

Ensure that your transactions from WhaleFin have been successfully imported. If you find any discrepancies, recheck your API settings in WhaleFfin and repeat the import process.


Step 4: View Your WhaleFin Transactions in Cryptio

  1. On the Imports page, locate the Whalefin line
  2. Click on the transaction number on the Whalefin line. This will transfer you to the 'Transactions' tab.
  3. You will now be able to see all of your Whalefin transactions on your Cryptio workspace.

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