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Asset Principal Markets Audit report

Get the audit trail of all your assets and their pricing providers in one report.


What is an Asset Principal Markets Audit report?

Most auditors recommend/demand to follow the IFRS guidance when it comes to valuation and so to price each asset with their principal markets (the market (exchanges) where an asset has been the most traded). With Cryptio, they can be compliant.

The purpose of the report is to ensure the log of all asset pricing changes by period and provider based on the user's Principal Market Selection.

Generate an Asset Principal Markets Audit report in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the Reports page
  2. Click on the + Report button, and a drawer will emerge
  3. Find module Audit trail & reconciliation reports
  4. Select Audit Principal Markets Audit report
  5. Generate All Assets is the default mode. Choose the asset you want or leave default mode on to see all assets.
  6. Select All Wallet is the default mode. Choose the wallet relevant to your report or leave default mode on.
  7. Decide if you want to see the NFT tokens in your report.
  8. Choose the date range or include a complete history
  9. Customize your report by selecting the columns you need
  10. Click Create
  11. The report will appear on the page and click the download icon under the Actions column.


How to read the report

Column description

  • Period - The period pricing has been applied on

  • Symbol - Asset symbol

  • Unique symbol - Asset detailed symbol

  • Provider - Pricing providers based on user selection.