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Reporting tips and tricks

At Cryptio, we have many different reports to help with your accounting needs! This article will show you some handy tips and tricks for using our reports, making them even more helpful for you.


Tip 1: Favorite reports feature

Do you have reports you use every month, week or day? You may find that you need to run some reports more frequently than others, or some are more useful than others for your specific use case. Get organized and save them all under your “Favorite” drawer to generate them using one click.

To do this, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Reports page, under Connect on the lefthand sidebar of your Workspace.

  2. Click + Report

  3. Navigate to the category of report you want. For instance, the Financial Reports module.

  4. Click on the ⭐ in the right-hand corner of the report you want. For instance, Portfolio Balances.

  5. Navigate to “Favorite” back on the category drawer. Your chosen reports will now show up here each time you come to this page!

    💡 You can also un-favorite a report by clicking on the star again. When it’s no longer yellow, it will no longer be on the “Favorite” page

❗Please note, this will only save the reports themselves, and not the report configurations, such as dates, assets, wallets, etc.



More tips to come!