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Audit trail report

Every action performed in a workspace on Cryptio can be tracked as it is stored in a database, enabling users to scrutinize precisely how a workspace has reached its current state.

Examples of such questions that the audit trail report can answer may include the following:

  • Who deleted a wallet recently?
  • How often did we update the sources in our workspace?
  • How many reports have been generated since the creation of the workspace?


What is an audit trail report?

The Audit Trail report is a complete record of users' actions in their workspace. This is fully aligned with Actions history under Manage Workspaces, which you can learn more about here [link]. This report shows the time of action, the person performing the action, what exactly the user did, and the ID of the action for support purposes. This is particularly useful if you need to trace a change or if you’re asked to produce this as part of a support query.

Generate the report in 7 steps:

  1. Go to the Report page.
  2. Click on the + Report button, and a drawer will emerge
  3. The module is Audit trail & reconciliation reports
  4. The report is Audit Trail.
  5. Select whether we want to create an account that includes the complete history of a workspace or select a specific time period by using the date range toggle.
  6. Click Create
  7. The report will now show at the top of your Reports page. To see the details of the report, click anywhere on it to open the report tray, and then select ‘Download


How to read the report

Report details:

  • the time and date of an action
  • which user took the action
  • what the action was
  • which property was affected