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Understanding complex transactions


What are complex transactions?

Complex transactions, or consolidated transactions, are a series of related transactions, which can be shown in multiple movements. At Cryptio, we automatically group them all together into a transaction folder using our Smart Contract Engine capabilities which make them easier to account for. Practically speaking on the Transactions page, if you see a transaction with an arrow pointing right then those refer to complex transactions and allow you to see all related movements in one. 

Currently, we are consolidating complex transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. We are actively working on expanding our coverage to include additional networks, starting with Polygon.


Before getting into complex transactions

Make sure all your complex transactions are consolidated, you will need to update your Workspace settings following these simple steps below.

💡Note that the workspaces set up after 27 December 2022 are automatically processed with our Smart Contract Engine and won't require this setting update.

  1. Navigate to Manage Workspaces under your current workspace name in the side navigation bar.
  2. Click on the workspace you want to update the setting for.
  3. In the pop-up workspace settings, locate the "Complex Transactions Consolidation" option.
  4. Toggle the switch to the "On" position for full retroactivity
  5. Click Save.

By enabling this setting, you'll ensure that the Smart Contract Engine features are applied to the imported transactions.



Reviewing complex transactions

You can now review and work with your complex transactions.

  1. Go to the Transactions tab.
  2. Click on Filters and a menu will open.
  3. Click Add filter. A line with three boxes will appear. 
  4. In the first box, scroll down the list and select Transaction type.
  5. The middle box should be “Is”.
  6. Click on the third box to open up the drop-down menu. Select Complex transactions.
  7. Click Apply.