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Creating your own labels

While our Global labels cover many of your transactions, you might need to create your own labels.

You need to first identify which transactions have not been labeled.


Identifying unlabelled transactions

Head to the Transactions page and click the Needs Review button. Once you hit this button, some more buttons will appear.

The button called Transactions without label shows you how many are missing a label. You need to manually label these transactions.


How to create labels 

On the Labels page:

1. Identify all your contacts.

2. Go to the Labels page (in the Business tab).

3. Add a new label by clicking on the + Label button. A new menu will appear.

4. Give your label a Name and a color. 

5. Set up your label. You can create labels from specific Wallets or Contacts to specific Wallets or Contacts (See below).

6. Once you are finished, press Create.


You can set up labels that have multiple Wallets as the source and multiple Contacts as the recipients of the transactions. 

The video shows you how to create a label called Payroll where various employees are the recipients of the transactions and multiple wallets are the sources. 



On the Transactions page:

1. Identify all your contacts.

2. Go to the Transactions page.

3. Choose the transaction that you want to add or that is missing a label.

4. Select the '+ Add label' button and a drawer will appear.

5. Find the label under Taxable or non-taxable event. If it doesn't exist, start typing the new label name and click 'Create'.

6. In the new pop-up, choose the label color and finalize the creation by selecting 'Create'. 

7. Once this is created, you will see the new label under the 'Labels' page as my label.


💡Tip: You can then bulk apply the label by selecting all the relevant transactions in that new label category. 



If you want to learn more about what you can do on the Transactions page, check out this article.