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How to Label multiple transactions in bulk

There are 2 main ways you can Label transactions in bulk.


A) Via the Transactions page: better for smaller batches

  1. Bulk editing of transactions is done by filtering for groups of transactions.
  2. Then select all the transactions using the button shown below.
  3. Select the edit selected rows button.
  4. Once you select this button, a pop-up drawer will appear which will allow you to Add Label to all selected transactions. 



B) Via the Labels page: ideal for large batches [Pro tip - Advanced]

  1. Pull a Transactions History Report - this will show you all Transactions within your Workspace. If you know all the transactions you want to bulk Label are within the same Wallet, feel free to narrow this down when generating the report.Trx_report_down.gif
  2. Using Excel/Google Sheets, highlight all the Transactions you'd like to bulk Label, so it's easier for you to identify.trx_highlight.gif
  3. Open Batch Labels Update template from this article and make a copy to your computer or Google drive.
    • Alternatively, download it from Cryptio: Labels > Click on the label you want to bulk import to > Scroll down > Click 'See CSV example'. batch_template_save.gif
  4. Copy the Cryptio ID of the transactions you want to bulk label under the 'Transactions ID' column and remove any ID from the movement columns.
    • Note: For complex transactions, you can just copy the Cryptio ID for the transactions that will have the same label into one template and import a different batch. E.g. Two movements of complex transactions are 'Fee'. Collate all transactions (can be simple and complex) that are 'Fee' and upload the template in one to the 'Fee' label.batch_template_save.gif
  5. Navigate back to the Cryptio Labels page and select the label you want to bulk upload the transaction to.
  6. In the pop-up drawer, scroll down to the 'Batch import' and click Import from CSV and upload all of them with just 1 click.
  7. Once updated, click on the number under the 'Movement' columns and see your newly applied labels on the Transactions page.label_batch_import.gif