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How can we help? - How to import my transactions

A short guide to help you import all of the transactions from your account onto your Cryptio workspace. interface

  1. Login to your account and navigate to your avatar at the top right corner.

  2. Select API Management from the dropdown options. Gateio_api_nav.gif

  3. Click Create API key on the right-hand side of your workspace (or middle if it's your first time).

    a. Add a remark for your API key, something that you can recognize right away, e.g. Cryptio key.

    b. For IP Permissions, choose Later.

    c. For API Key Type, leave it as the default option (API v4 Key).

    d. For Account Type, leave it as the default option (Classic Account).

    e. For Permissions, choose everything except Enable trading pairs allowlist and select permission to ‘Read Only’ for all

  4. Select SubmitGateio_create.gif

  5. Read the pop-up message carefully and click agree to both.Screenshot_2023-02-02_at_11.26.13.png

  6. Fill out your fund password and Google authenticator code. (Follow this instruction if you are not sure about your fund password.)Screenshot_2023-02-02_at_11.34.05.png

  7. Click Confirm. Now you will see the API Key and API Secret you need to connect your account with Cryptio.

Cryptio platform

  1. Head to your Cryptio workspace, and in the top right corner, select the Imports tab.
  2. Select the Exchanges tab, and click on the block.
  3. Name your import, and input your recently obtained API key and API Secret.
  4. Choose the date range or include a complete history of your import.
  5. Click Create and your data will be imported directly. You will be able to see them along with your other imports.


View your transactions in Cryptio

  1. Click on the Transactions number on the line. This will transfer you to the Transactions tab. Or click on the line and in the Source Edition pop-up, scroll to Source summary and select the highlighted Transactions.
  2. Now you will be able to see all of your transactions on your Cryptio workspace.